A large group of people from church went to the Creation Museum on the 17th of the month. I was pretty impressed and while most of what was presented there I’d already read or heard I thought it was a great trip. I’m planning on going again in the future once they grow it a little more.

Of course the first thing you need once you get there are some restrooms which unfortunately are well past the admission lines and around a few corners. I’m not sure why it was done that way. Nearly every theme park/museum I’ve been to has them right a the front door because most likely you just got out of the car after driving several hours.

Anyways I get back to the restroom, sit down in a stall, and a couple minutes later I hear a couple people come in. I hear a little boy say, “What’s that smell!!”. I’m getting a little embarrassed when the dad say’s, “Yeah, I love that smell! It smell like cookies or ice cream.” LOL, I could bearly stop from laughing. I was really beginning to worry what kinda of cookies they’ve been eating when he says, “Thats vanilla, it makes the bathrooms smell fresh.”

So you should take a trip to the Creation Museum and enjoy the Fresh vanilla bathrooms. And make sure to catch men in white. It was my favorite part of the whole museum.