September 2007 –

September 2007

I just found this while searching google maps and thought it was funny enough to share.

go to

then search for your “zip code” to Rio de Janeiro

scroll down the directions.

Check out this new commercial from the Creation Museum. I thought it was pretty cool and reminded me a little of The Nightmare before Christmas at the beginning. Plus take a look at this article from David A. DeWitt, Ph.D., Director, Center for Creation Studies, Liberty University. He does a great job explaining just how different and awesome the Creation Museum is.

To download the Creation Museum commercial, right-click this link and choose “Save” or “Download linked file.”

I’m just about to finish up the motor swap on Davonne’s z24 Cavalier and I’ve actually enjoyed the work. I was expecting it to be a Saturday project but it’s taken us a little more than that. Alldata says 15 hours but I think our swap took us twice that long but I guess that’s not so bad for our first motor swap. The last bit should be completed tonight once we swap out the hydraulic clutch line and get it bled. We swapped in the same motor but this one has about 30k less miles on it and doesn’t knock so hard your afraid your about to see a piston come flying through the hood!

Btw, if you ever need hard plastic line replaced or any other hydraulic line call and they should be able to help you out!

I found this cool picture over at and just wanted to share it. My favorite part is the Noob Sea. I’m pretty sure however it’s not large enough!

I just noticed the absence of Google however. Maybe it doesn’t qualify as a community but I still think it should be there!