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April 2008

I was discussing which language is the most common with a few people the other day and some said chinese, some said spainish, and I said english. While most lists show Mandarin Chinese as the #1 language those lists are organized by native speakers.

1.05 billion can speak Mandarin Chinese while 1.5 billion can speak English. Chinese only wins because it has more native speakers, english wins by a mile when considering total speakers. English is also the most dominant language when it comes to different countries with chinese being spoken in 16 countries and English being spoken in 104 countries.

Personally though I think we all need to be learning Ter Sami, apparently only 10 people speak it now. If everyone learned it we could really increase their numbers! What a difference we could make! Might be difficult to learn since it has no written version though…

I’ve been looking for a good way to forward from my highpcs.com address to include the www for a while and finally took the time to set down and do it tonight. This little bit of code can be very helpful for canonization of a domain. All you have to do is put in your .htaccess file.

Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
rewritecond %{http_host} ^domain.com [nc]
rewriterule ^(.*)$ http://www.domain.com/$1 [r=301,nc]

While that seems simple it makes things easier for the search engine that crawls your site. For instance supercow.net is different to www.supercow.net to google. Duplicate sites and content make it difficult for google to properly rank and return results for your site. I’ve also used this to forward accounts on my server to their domain so there isn’t another “way” to access their site. For example:

domain.com/~user – in this case the domain is the server hosting the sites domain and the user is the public_html account that the files are stored in.

Using the .htaccess lines above you can forward the site right on to the proper domain without any problems. For more information or other ways of accomplishing the same task click here.

I heard about this site the other day from tatumba.com so I decided to check it out. Apparently its supposed to be a social network site like facebook or myspace the only difference being that they share advertising revenue with the users. So I figure it’s at least worth a try. I went ahead and saved supercow there in case it gets big! So take a look and if you sign up make sure to use the link below to list me as your referrer.

I just stumbled upon this incredibly cool car over on ebay. It’s the 1904 Thomas Model 27 Racer and at first it looks just like any old car. The important thing is the engine. 12.3 liters!!! Thats incredibly large! It’s only making 60 hp but for it’s time that might as well have been a thousand. Check out the chain driven rear end, in motorcycle style. Not to mention the vin number… 2735! LOL, just go check out the vin of your car. You might have a little trouble memorizing it. From what I can tell the distributor is inside the car and you control the timing by turning that dial. I have no idea what the brass manifold inside he car is for though and there are more switches there than cylinders.

1904 Thomas Model Racer

Take a look at the gallery for all the photo’s.

31 Cent Scoop Night!!

Be excited, be very excited.

So who’s going? We should all go after church Wednesday night. Did we go to this last year or was that a different night? BTW, no taking pictures of me this time!

Btw, bring a dollar for the firefighters.  They need new axes!!!

Me and Jordan just finished up pulling the transmission out of his car tonight and we seem to have found the problem:


..just kidding jordan. 😉 (more…)

xkcd techno

Bahahaahaha!!! I’m sending this to trever now…

Me and my friend Trever have this on going debate whether or not techno is actually good. I of course take the side that it is just about 15 seconds worth of work repeated for 5 minutes to an "artistic" fade out. When your listening to music and are reminded of windows 98 because is sounds like the pc locked up and is looping five seconds of the mp3 the way 98 and winamp used too then you know your listening to techno .

sacred cow
I just stumbled upon this collection of photo’s of the sacred cows of India.

I was always under the impression that Hindus saw all cows as sacred but apparently this isn’t universal and only some cows in some area’s are sacred cows . Of course being a Christian I see worshiping any animal or other earthly item as sacreligious so the reverence shown towards a cow seems unusual. This reminds me a lot of the stories Baal in the old testament except their cow was made of gold and was a replacement for God rather than a earthly representation like the sacred cows of India. The cows seem to be some sort of good luck charm. Apparently you can get good luck for the day by feeding them snacks or certain foods at different times of the day. Countries like this seem to be a completely different world away from the USA. The picture of the man that is apparently starving to death next to a sacred cow is especially disturbing.

Want to climb a wall or leap buildings? Me too. I think I’ll get there in just a couple more weeks of these workouts .

Vista x86 / 32-bit Update (~435 Megs)

Service pack one is finally out! While this might seems like a unimportant event for the average person tons of businesses, schools, and individuals wait for the initial service pack of a windows OS to adopt it as their default platform. So this means update your systems and expect to see vista even more than you currently do.

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