sacred cow
I just stumbled upon this collection of photo’s of the sacred cows of India.

I was always under the impression that Hindus saw all cows as sacred but apparently this isn’t universal and only some cows in some area’s are sacred cows . Of course being a Christian I see worshiping any animal or other earthly item as sacreligious so the reverence shown towards a cow seems unusual. This reminds me a lot of the stories Baal in the old testament except their cow was made of gold and was a replacement for God rather than a earthly representation like the sacred cows of India. The cows seem to be some sort of good luck charm. Apparently you can get good luck for the day by feeding them snacks or certain foods at different times of the day. Countries like this seem to be a completely different world away from the USA. The picture of the man that is apparently starving to death next to a sacred cow is especially disturbing.