Iraq DownedI was talking with Trever in the office the other day about how much the war was costing the U.S. I made the comment that it isn’t really all that bad yet even with our $4/gallon gas compared to World War II when they had all kinds of rations and scrap drives to help the war effort. Which brought up the question just how much Iraq is costing in comparison to other wars in recent history.

War Year of dollar figures Cost
U.S. Nuclear Program 2005 $5.8 Trillion
World War II 2003 $4.7 trillion
Vietnam 2005 $623 billion
WWI 2005 $613 Billion
Iraq War – As of March 2008 2008 $501 billion

When you look at it in comparision we still have a extremely long way to go till Iraq is even close to World War 2. There is at least another year before we catch up to even World War 1 (aka the war to end all wars) with Iraq currently costing 2 billion a week.