Buy Nathan a Present! UPDATED!! 9-7-11 –

Do you want to buy me a present! Don’t know what to buy me? Well let me take all the guess work out and give you a list of all the things I’d love to have! Many even have links making your Nathan Present buying experience a simple one. And once again thank you for thinking about Nathan. He thinks Insert your name here is pretty great to.


  • Tools! – Maybe best to get a Craftsman gift card.
  • BC Eel Longboard – Just need the board since I already have trucks and wheels. T-shirt size large please!
    1983 Honda XL250R Parts:

  • Complete top end bolt set – Total will be $50-100 – Don’t think the honda shop does gift cards. Maybe $$$ would be easier. Plus I might have some bolts I can reuse.
  • $$$ for machine work
    2001 Tiburon Parts:

  • Body Work – Quote of $450-500 from Brian Most Important To Me!
  • Money just to help with the rebuild

Buy Davonne, Lily, Grace, and Anna a present too!!!