I was having overheating issues on my Shuttle SN85G4 XPC.  It’s an older box but it’s been running great so I decided it was worth keeping alive.  After checking the fan it seemed to be fine but the motherboard quit supplying power to the fan!  I decided the best thing to do would be to replace the fan and get a separate speed controller for the fan.  I found the Zalman ZM-OP1 after doing a little researching and it worked out perfectly.  It’s originally intended for one of their video card coolers and as a bonus contains an extra splitter that can select between Silent mode: 20 dB/1400 RPM and Normal: 32 dB/2800 RPM.

New Fan!

The box – time to tear it apart, remove the case (three screws on the back)

The Broken Fan, remove the fan (four screws on the back)

The problem – Remove the 4 screws and replace it with the new unit

Install the fan back inside the box – I used the new Zalman Cover

Hook up the speed control if your using it – I used the silent setting (white plug) – otherwise just plug it into the motherboard

It Works!!