Technology –

Even wonder how the web works? Well here’s a video to show you just how everything gets put together!

I was just reading about the kindle from amazon. I looks great and I’m really surprised by the wireless capability (cellular network with no monthly fee). I’m looking forward to it getting hacked! But even just buying it to read wikipedia, blogs, etc. seems like a pretty cool idea.


I think this would be great for the avid reader but I’ll be waiting on a price drop, or the capability to use it for other things like:

  1. Surfing the web
  2. taking notes – Parents would buy them for students
  3. email
  4. storage – like an oversized usb drive with viewing capabilities

I found this great write up the other day on while I was looking for aftermarket firmware upgrades for my wap54gx(unfortunently no one makes one). They have several really cool idea’s on improving your home wifi network. So check it out and get better use out of your wifi.

Whoa! Don’t know how I missed this! Looks like Microsoft bought a new browser. 😉

I love it! Now I can “Do more by doing less.”



Figured I might as well do a quick update since I got on xanga to check out davonne’s post about my birthday party. Which by the way was the best birthday ever!!! Davonne made me dinner and surprised me with a movie room setup I’ve been planning on doing for a long time. She had the furniture all aranged with food supplied and I setup the tech stuff. Lcd projector, laptop with vongo, and some 2.1 speakers. All in all a very cool movie room. She even decorated with some old movie posters from starwars and batman.

On the turbo, since the last post I’ve put in 440cc injectors and and using an smt-6 to control the fuel, but the vortech piece of crap is gone. So after a long battle with tuning it’s running rather well and with little fuel mileage decline(about 2-3 mpg). I’m running 8-9 psi of boost and love it! Have to be extra careful in rain now though. When boost kicks in 2nd gear it’ll spin the tires and get wheel hop. Pretty impressive for a car that started out with 105 whp.