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Weezer has a new video out for their new self-titled “Red Album” due out June 3rd, 2008! How many internet celebrities can you spot???

I did a little searching and so far this list of video’s are what I’ve found.


Weezer isn’t allowing embedding of the video so click here to view the video on youtube.


I was talking to Trever today about music we liked from the 90’s and I mention how much I liked The Offspring and wish they hadn’t broken up. Well I decided to check and see if they were up to anything now and guess what I find out! Apparently they didn’t break up and they are releasing a new cd next month!! this is their first cd in 5 years. How awesome is that?? Well I can tell you right now, inconceivably awesome. These guys have always been one of my favorite bands. I included the flash widget below so you can listen to the new single or click the download link to get a link sent to you inbox.

The Slip

I picked up on this when I stopped by creative commons yesterday so I figured I post up my own review. So far The Slip isn’t bad at all but I don’t have much interest in Ghosts. The Slip is pretty normal NIN stuff, the stuff I like, you can find a full breakdown on synthtopia. Ghosts is completely instrumental and while it might make great background music isn’t something I’ll be playing again.

NIN – 1,000,000 – Download